Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dart Tag 2011: How far have you gone to 'kit' out?

Look the part?
I’m actually quite a fan of “Nerf’s new action sport”; With all of the new Dart Tag gear that’s come out, I was wondering how many of you have actually gone ahead to play the game the way Nerf wants us to? How many of us have picked up not just the Dart Tag blasters, but also the official jerseys, eyewear and set up 4-a-side 5 minute games? Got yourself a referee or two? How about flags, are you using traditional flags or going high tech with the earlier Dart Tag beacons from the Stormfire pack? The new rules state if you’re hit you need to return to base for 10 seconds, whereas the old rules stated you had to freeze for 10.. which way would you play?

Then there are a few things that AREN’T in the official rules; how large should the playing area be? Are there ‘outs’ or no go zones? Do you assign players with positions + roles (like in Harry Potter!) or is it free for all? Do you reckon every player on the team should have a different blaster? Would you restrict your players to ONLY Dart Tag blasters or allow them to pack N-Strikes as well (so long as it could accommodate Dart Tag Velcro tips)


  1. Not at all! I've just got the blasters, and that's it! Though my father got hit in the eye by a Tagger dart recently - not pretty - so I might be investing in some Vision Gear soon...

  2. Honestly, there's absolutely no way that I would ever play by the rules. Just too much of a hassle. So we just play survival. You get hit once you die. Three lives. Last one remaining wins. Really, it's just that simple.

    --That One Dude--

  3. HvZ,, king of the hill, capture the flag, survival, but never played by dart tag rules. I like SOME of the blasters in this series and like the concept of the actual game. I'm sorry to any huge fans of dart tag, but I HATE the commercials on the nerf site