Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ubisoft Battle Tag laser gun system at FCC, up for preorder

It's.. well.. longish?
Soo.. I’m kinda confused. Last year there was a relatively sedate launch of Ubisoft’s new Battle-Tag laser tag system..but it seems its only NOW met US FCC approval? Either way apparently they should be making the rounds in all stores in the US real soon..
$130US is a tad dear for two blasters, but I still really want to get my hands on a set just to give them a whirl. Read more on the link- you can even see some internals. Cool.

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  1. On topic of laser tag. I don't know if its new or not but I saw a NERF laser tag set on the self across the asile from the dart tag stuff. It looked interesting but I prefer to wait for the light strike series.

  2. Should we at least acknowledge that these blasters are in the same weird Urban Taggers color scheme as that Maverick that Pocket et al received a few months ago?

  3. The NERF Lazer Tag sets are an excellent system. IMHO, Light Strike looks exceedingly lame compared to NERF's current line of stuff. Also, acknowledging that these blasters have the same colorscheme as the Nerf Maverick you noted is sort of irrelevant since UbiSoft has nothing to do with Hasbro. It's pure coincidence that they have similar coloration.

    From someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes laser tag, I haven't seen enough good reviews about this from other fellow laser taggers to warrant going out of my way to pick some up. They can only host 8 players (for now), can only run on Windows, and are a wallet-killer compared to other consumer-grade laser tag systems. I won't rule it out just yet, and there are elements of it that I like (the sensor system looks REALLY good), but for now, we'll stick with our current gear.

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  5. I posted a pretty big review of the system on the forums if you're interested!

  6. This game is awesome! My kids, our family plus friends play for hours inside and outside 300 yard range. There are so many games and the med packs and ammunition packs make the games even more fun.