Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bottle Blitz 3 Pack: when..2 isn't enough.

Spotted on the Toys R Us Australia website, you can now buy not one, not two, but THREE Bottle Blitz Super Soakers for 50 bucks. Given the fact I've seen these go for 10-15 bucks each, three for 50 is actually not that good value at all...nor do I understand the logic in THREE of the same blaster in a pack. Both overkill and underwhelming at the same time:)

Still, the Blitz DOES have its fans. 49.95 at Toys R Us:)

Bottle Blitz 3 Pack via Toys R Us


  1. well, you can put a 2 liter bottle on the end....

  2. They've had those at our Toys R Us stores since the beginning of summer... but since our summer is over and yours is beginning, it makes sense that Super Soakers are getting attention!