Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super Soaker CPS 2100

The Super Soaker CPS 2100 was released in 2002 and was one of the last of the glory days Constant Pressure System soakers to be made. It's considered to be a midsized blaster by Super Soaker CPS standards but it's still pretty large, and with a 2litre tank it's still quite a decent weight. Delighted with receiving a brand new in box unit to test was a mad highlight and we can attest that it's still as awesome as it was back in the day... :)

The CPS 2100 has similar styling to its brothers but being of the last decade tends to steer away from the really loud fluorescent colours of the 90's and features an equally striking but less obnoxious silver, red and yellow accented finish. As with most Super Soaker blasters, it's a solid piece of kit and with the 2litre tank filled is quite weighty. What's lacking is the ability to attach a shoulder strap which is disappointing but probably the only real drawback to this blaster.

The 2100 can be probably likened to the older CPS 1200's as far as size and output is concerned; the blaster has a single thick nozzle but where it improves on the 1200 is the tracked pump- (ie shotgun pump style) which is sturdier to use. The 2100 takes around 15-20 pumps to get it ready for action but that's pretty standard for this sort of blaster.

Performance-wise it's as amazing as most Super Soaker CPS blasters with a decent thick stream and a whole lot of power to boot. These blasters aren't fantastic for lil kids, given the size, weight and the stiffness in pumping the blaster, but they do lend themselves to much hilarity and uncontrollable laughter when anyone fires a pressurised shot off.  As with all CPS blasters, water capacity is always an issue- not so much how much the blaster can carry but more that its power means you'll empty your tank pretty quickly so either shoot wisely, or ensure you're close to a tap/hose:)

The CPS 2100 is a good all round blaster that stands the test of time and proves again that sometimes newer isn't always better; it may be hard to find and rather old,  but I'd still suggest it to be one of the better blasters of all time, and definitely a solid performer in the CPS space. It's got a decent weight, looks and feels fantastic and is definitely going to leave your opponent's pretty drenched, especially if they're wielding any of the current batch of water blaster kit on the market today. They're not easy to find, but if you are able to get your hands on one, I'd recommend it:)


  1. Hey, I have a nearly pristine CPS 1300 (i think?) sitting in my garage. Just wondering if you're interested in it. It's a purple and yellow one, about the size of this one.

  2. MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way it's a CPS 1200 by the sounds of it. I would love one of these!

  3. Please, please, can I have it???????

  4. Had one of these, took it to my 8th grade picnic, it got TOTALLY FREAKING DESTROYED. That sucked.