Thursday, October 13, 2011

Johnson Arms: You've come a long way baby

Almost a year ago, we were just starting to get a decent following in the toy blaster realm when we stumbled across some pretty sweet custom painted Nerf blasters on Deviant ART. I was amazed at how much effort and detail went into them; I found two profiles I really liked and wrote to both of them letting them know I'd done a write up on them on UT. One was a bit blase about my correspondence and didn't really care so much; the other, known at the time as "bcjfla76" was very much the gentleman and appreciative of our efforts in bringing his work to the masses. Nice guy:)

Flash forward to current day, and that deviant ART profile of "bcjfla76" is none other than Johnson Arms; since then quite probably the most well known and loved aesthetic modder in the world. Brian's work is incredible and has been showcased everywhere, including the big guns in IGN, Kotaku and Game Rant to name a few. And it's nice to know fame hasn't gotten to his head- he's still a nice guy:) Here's to you Mr Johnson; what a year eh?!

Check his blog here:
Johnson Arms

Our original post in November 2010:
Urban Taggers.: More custom Nerf paintjobs: bcjfla76:


  1. Thank you, buddy! Your support has been a huge boost to me and I'll always remember that when I pen my memoirs, haha.

    One year down, 50 to go. Looking forward to seeing where this "painting toya" silliness takes me. (I hope it does not include padded rooms and straight jackets! :)

    Much respect,

  2. i was lucky enough to win a giveaway he had going, so i got a sexy painted spectre for free!

    He's a great guy and his paint jobs are epic.

  3. One of the most generous, kind hearted gentlemen on the web. and he does amazing paint jobs to boot! Keep up the great work Brian! sam