Monday, October 10, 2011

SG Nerf: Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Review!

We've been talking about it, but the Dart Tag Speed Swarm is looking very much like the real deal. SG Nerf have got their hands on a unit, and though there's no "official" press release yet, I think it's pretty much the real deal. Seems to be very much a mini Swarmfire- from SG Nerf's post:

"The Nerf Speedswarm is a fully motorized spring-powered direct plunger blaster. The blaster requires 6 x AA Batteries to power its motor (Batteries sold separately). Its rotating barrel has a 10-dart ammo capacity.

Its firing system is fully motorized, there is no manual priming mechanism (without any batteries, it cannot fire).

The Speedswarm can fire in full auto or in bursts, depending on the duration of trigger pulls. Firing single shots at a time can also be done by simply pulling the trigger briefly and letting go. Its all in the timing of the trigger pulls."

 More pics at SG Nerf.

SG Nerf: Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Review


  1. I don't know about that... I feel like one could fire faster and with less trigger lag by using two flywheel semi-autos, provided their trigger fingers are fast enough. On the other hand, no annoying buzzing! :D

  2. shoots too slow but u could mod to make actually good

  3. I don't know about you guys, but that motor sounds deprived of power. This thing could definitely benefit from a higher voltage running through it. And since it already takes AA's, you can bet SG Nerf (and myself) are going to drop some TrustFires into it!

  4. TrustFires sound good, though I wonder if the motors can take all 22.2 volts... perhaps two dummy batteries would be a good policy in this case...
    I agree about the motor noise, although it probably has a less powerful motor than the Swarmfire, this Speedswarm does sound distinctly tired. Perhaps SG Nerf's example is a pre-production prototype that escaped the company specifically because of its faulty motor.

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  6. Wow that looks awesome. Once that comes out I'm definitely going to get me a pair for dual wielding. Probably going to put some 14.5 volt R/C car batteries in there. I've been waiting for a long time for a reasonable weighted single-handed non-flywheel full auto blaster, looks like my wish is here!