Wednesday, October 5, 2011

YouTube: ikehival: Nerf + Anime = cool yet.. creepy

I'm actually not really sure what to make of this, but our man Jason brought this to my attention:) YouTube channel "Ikehival" who apparently practices the art of Animegao has a whole bunch of videos of him/her demoing a whole bunch of Nerf blasters. I personally have a bit of a phobia of mannequins coming to life, and this comes dangerously close.. but at least it's cute anime girls and Nerf blasters to take the edge off. Check out their channel for more vids:)

ikehival's Channel - YouTube


  1. Dude that's f##king scary. Imagine a whole room of those coming at you.

  2. think about it!
    she's in front of a green screen.
    Wouldn't background of some sort be added in?
    anyway keep the good up


  3. watch this at 3 in the morning