Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toy Xplosion-NERF Products Coming this Holiday – Night Vision Goggles, Head Cam & More

Another Urban Taggers mockup. NOT OFFICIAL. Just sayin:P
Coming soon to a Toys R Us near you (if you're in the US), it's announced that Nerf have teamed up with electronics manufacturer Sakar to pop out some very interesting supplementary gear to their blasters. Last year there were things like speaker docks, but this time it looks like they'll be releasing kit that's more relevant to the Nerf brand.

"Specially engineered and molded to resemble the distinctive material loved by generations of NERF fans, the new NERF-branded gear will range from everyday technology accessories to action items designed for imaginative play. "

Highlights include
  • NERF-inspired: Night vision goggles for see-in-the-dark fun
  • A digital helmet cam that can be mounted on either a helmet or bike 
  • A pocket DVR with a preview screen 2.1 and 5.1 MP digital cameras packaged with social networking software 
Other SKUs include a 2GB PC/Mac-compatible flash drive shaped like a mini-NERF blaster, a 2GB digital MP3 player, walkie talkies with up to a 1000-foot range, and a multi-function flashlight.

 More links:

New NERF-Branded Tech Gear From Sakar Set to Blast Off for the Holidays


  1. By "this holiday" do they mean Halloween? Sounds cool, though.

  2. I get the feeling some of these are going to be kind of cheesy like a pair of goggles with lights = night vision, that kind of thing.

  3. Yeah, I totally have to agree with harpuia. I have the feeling that Nerf would do something like that, or along the lines of it. Walkie Talkies along with the flashlight would be cool, I guess.