Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nerf Double Blockades + Combat Shelter

In what sort of looks like a glorified tent, here we have a 'Nerf Double Blockade'. I've never seen these before, they just sprung out of nowhere while doing some Google searches. Looks like something only available in the UK..

Also available is the Nerf Combat Shelter...

"After I shoot you, maybe I can tell you scary stories and toast marshmallows"
Apologies for the broken links before, fixed now:)

Nerf Double Blockade via Littlewoods
Nerf Combat Shelter via Littlewoods


  1. Hey, the link doesn't work but i found a working one:

    And there is also a "Pop Up Combat Shelter" Here:

  2. pffft why buy this, i could just use a stick and my blanket :P

  3. Great! I have Thomas The Train pop-up tent version too... all set for Nerf war! Hahaha

  4. Hey did you guys see that the recons have yellow priming handles?? Weird!

  5. the guy on the lower pic has a flashlight attachment on his deploy, strange.

  6. FINALLY! This is just what i needed! THANK THE LORD! Once it comes out, IT'S MINE!

  7. got the double blockade at toys'r'us. it is semi transparent and has to be posted outside in the grass. it holds up to darts but is a pain to assemble in wind.