Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Air Zone Quickfire 6

The Quickfire 6 is a clip fed 6 round blaster from Toys R Us' in-house brand 'Air Zone.' In the past Air Zone was a little touch and go, but recently they have been bringing out some pretty decent blasters of late with both decent performances and aesthetically pleasing designs. Although Air Zone is essentially rebadged Lanard/Dart Zone/ X-Shot/misc gear, at least the person who's selecting the gear to do this is doing a great job. 

At the time I brought them in from the US and for what they are, the Quickfire 6's are really quite decent for the price. (not so much if you're including the ridiculous import fees I had to endure!!!) They are however NOW available in Australia.. sigh:P

 The Quickfire 6 comes in a two pack exclusively through Toys R Us stores in the US. They come in an open box with wire twist ties, a clip for each blaster and 24 darts which is a lot more generous than most blasters out of the box. The blasters come in blue and yellow and green and grey, with different colour clips for each blaster, although they are interchangeable (and are also compatible with the new Quickfire Sniper)

Design-wise they're quite similar to the Shell Shock X-6 (by Lanard/Air Zone) but a tad smaller and with a more conventional looking clip. They also do not have a trigger guard and the grip is quite little in comparison. It's quite sturdy but very stiff- the quality is good but not quite as good as Nerf's.

The blaster features a "tactical rail" similar to that of Nerf blasters, but they are not compatible with any of the N-Strike attachments. Actually, from what I know there's no attachments for these blasters available either yet, so it's a bit of a red herring for now:)

 The Quickfire 6 takes six rounds that are inserted into the accompanying clip. I was happy that the clips were the same as the Quickfire Snipers, and it would be useful if Air Zone released more clips as a separate add on.

The clips are similar in size and design to the Nerf N-Strike ones, but they are not interchangeable. Air Zone clips seem a tad thinner. The Quickfire 6 also does not use "shells" in the clip like the Shell Shock X-6 which is a good thing (I hate those things) and just takes the darts directly like a clip-system based blaster in the Nerf range would. The clip is quite stiff to get in and out of the blaster and the release buttons aren't smooth so it's fiddly stuff releasing and refeeding.

 I do wish the darts were compatible with Nerf (which i thought were the standard for all dart blasters) but they're not. These Airzone darts are shorter and use a flat rubber head to them unlike a Nerf Streamline dart. You'll only be able to accommodate a non Air Zone dart if you trim it down (that being said, being rebadges, you wouldn't be able to use the darts from the X-Shot/Air Zone Turbo Fire dart so you'll need to stick within the Quickfire line for compatibility) which is a bummer.

Air Zone Dart compared to custom sillicon dart, streamline, whistler.

Priming the blaster is like a Nerf N-Strike Recon. It's a manual pull back and forward motion. It's quite stiff, but tolerable.

Performances I found were pretty decent. It's similar to the standard stock Nerf blaster range of 10 metres (or 30 feet) and I couldn't fault the accuracy of them either.  They feel a little rattley, but mainly because they're so slim and little compared to thicker gripped blasters, but as a 6 shot clip fed blaster, they're kinda fun. And they look awesome. Hello Aesthetic modders? I'm talking to you! 

For a two pack they were around 20 bucks which I thought was pretty reasonable, especially the generous amount of darts supplied with the blaster. I like 'em- I'm not sure I'd bother importing them again, but locally, they're a good blaster and as a 2 pack they're a lot of fun. Get one? Sure, give 'em a whirl for funsies:)


  1. Cheers for that dude. For some reason i thought we had them here. Now i know my search has been in vain. Is it any better than the shell shock x-6 thingy? Something about those shelled guns puts me off.

  2. look cool, something i would like to custom paint possiby...
    too bad it doesn't take streamlines

  3. Hey, i think i saw some of these in toys r us at Chadstone shopping center in Victoria when i was there looking at Nerf stuff with my mate a couple of weeks ago

  4. do nerf clips work with these.. can they be modded for nerf clips?