Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange Mod Works Massacre kits available for pre-order

Orange Mod Works now have available to pre-order the new Massacre kits. These new units are for the Longstrike CS-6, Alpha Trooper CS-18 and Raider CS-35 and are made of polycarbonate to make things lighter (albeit apparently still strong)

 "The Massacre kit is our Recruit Level kit, and it contains everything you need to get started. These upgrade kits are intended to be introductory level and somewhat universal in style for each blaster. The MASSACRE system will introduce additional kits to further upgrade and designate a specific role for your blaster, but the Recruit Level kit will be the starting point for any further upgrades."

 Pre-ordering come with a free metal trigger; you can use a $4 off code (remember this expires Sunday October 30th) so if you've been thinking of getting into these OMW units, it's a good time to buy. Here are the codes that correspond to the various kits:

raidermassacre $4 off code for Raider
atmassacre $4 off code for Alpha Trooper
lsmassacre $4 off code for Longtrike
reconmassacre $4 off code for Recon

 Estimated Release Date: Between December 1, 2011 and January 15, 2012.

 Included in the Massacre kit:

 - Trigger catch - 2x Strength trigger catch spring
 - Reinforcement plate - 6+ kg spring (More than 2X the strength of 2.5kg stock spring!)
 - Polycarbonate bolt sled with pin
 - Polycarbonate breech with O-ring
 - Polycarbonate plunger
 - Silicon grease

 Also available are silicone grease and O-rings, and 5 or 6 KG performance springs for your Recon, Raider, Longstrike and AT.

Orange Mod Works


  1. Like the new mobile friendly site!

  2. hi jerm, would like to check with you the hardness of the polycarbonate boltsleds. you see, i am keen on getting a set for longstrike, however, i need to know how much the sleds will flex when primed on one hand.

    you see, if i were to use a 9kg spring on the stock sled, it flexes too much to catch. so i'm hoping that the polycarbonate boltsleds are much harder than the stock sleds so it won't flex much despite using a stronger spring.

    hope to hear from you soon!!!! thanks =D

  3. i put the massacre in my recon and i swear it became a sniper rifle. i can even finally use the barrel attachment it came with and get ridiculous ranges