Thursday, October 13, 2011

Light Strike/Stampede Integration. SO Cool.

When the Wow Wee Light Strike line came out, the biggest criticism of them was their design and rather flat looking shape. I had mentioned many times that it would have been good to recase them into something cooler, but when I finally got my hands on them, I was "errr this looks to be a lot harder to do than I thought".  This doesn't help the fact that I am a goober with my hands on all things practical...

These good folk at new blog "The Hive Mind" however are not. They've managed to fit a Light Strike tagger into a Nerf Stampede ECS. And I was impressed. VERY much so. Check out the link below for more deets.

The Hive Mind: Light Strike/Stampede Integration:


  1. Well crap, I was working on my light strike/longstike integration, but had to put it on the back burner due to family stuff. Still awsome though.

  2. If you think THAT'S cool lookin, wait till you see their Longstrike integration! It's neat seeing someone else doing work like this with a different system. He did a nice job utilizing the Stampede's internal view cover with the LEDs on the Light Strike blaster too.

  3. they should remove the "k" from the line "and G36K-esque sights" because the k is just to designate the length of the rifle (the K stands for "kurz" witch is german for short) and all stranded H&K G36 rifles have the scope/sight that there talking about.

  4. An astute observation. How many of Heckler and Koch's rifles do you suppose get *stranded* every year?