Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rumours: Super Soaker Lightning Storm

You can't say Nerf ever rest on their laurels of success; browsing German store came up with an image of "Not Final" Box art for a new Super Soaker blaster called the Lightning Storm. 

From what we can tell, it uses a 1 litre water drum (that we'd have to assume is compatible with the other clip system blasters like the Thunderstorm and Tornado Strike) and claims to be the highest capacity Super Soaker blaster (well.. highest capacity of the CURRENT range). I'm guessing the 'Powersoak Technology' and the fact it takes 4 batteries suggests it's another motorised blaster. And it has a shield that actually looks like it'll be able to fit on tactical rail compatible blasters properly, unlike the weird styling of the Hydro Cannon's.

More as we know it:)

Super Soaker Lightning Storm via


  1. Its weird how it seems Nerf just can't seem to get their artwork right when it comes to drums. The perspective is all wrong, which makes me think it's fake.

  2. Whats with nerf and attachable shields these days?(there pointless), and this is just a nerf thuderstorm (hence the storm) with a stock, shield and drum mag, btw check out the stock, i'm not sure but it may be removeable (someone confirm plz)

  3. hurm... thunderstorm repaint + sheild + stock + ginormous drum = brother from another mother :P

  4. according to google translate, the site says:

    Similar illustrations.
    Articles sorted with, sort. or (model) versions - marking u.U. Available in several designs and colors. We apologize for any inconvenience that needs to be regarding a specific design or color for logistical reasons, not always considered. Unless otherwise specified, it is always at unit prices per piece. In case of doubt or questions, please contact us before chewing

    you definitely want to contact them. chewing on it may not be a good idea after all.

  5. Well, they sort of addressed one problem; that being the minuscule magazines of the previous year. Looks like the battery powered gimmick is still selling though.