Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

The Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster was officially released to tie in with the film release of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon but for some reason never really made it to Australia at the time. It is manufactured by Hasbro, Nerf's parent company and is essentially using Nerf tech in terms of build quality and performance, but also adds to it the role play elements of light and sounds of Optimus Prime (Transformers voice legend Peter Cullen) Licenced blasters are always pretty exi compared to traditional Nerf blasters but while a tad over priced, I still kinda liked this one. Even if it is a glorified Hyperfire:)

The Cyber Blaster comes in an open box with ten whistler darts; the blaster requires 2AA batteries but the come enclosed (so you can try them in store)  It's quite a large blaster and very solid; a build quality that you'd expect from the likes of Hasbro. The paint job obviously gets its cues from Optimus Prime in a bright red, blue and silver finish with Autobot motiffs, both with the logo and just technical looking detail etchings.

 The Cyber Blaster has probably the biggest trigger I've seen on a blaster. I found myself using my index AND middle finger to pull it back.  Above the trigger is a small switch which can either turn the lights and sounds on and off (or to put it in demo mode)

As we mentioned earlier, the Cyber Blaster is pretty much a Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire reshell, although I personally found it to be better made and nicer to use. Like the Hyperfire, the Cyber Blaster uses a spring loaded primer on the top rear of the blaster but I did find it to be smoother and lighter to pull back than the Hyper fire.

Like the Hyperfire, the Cyber Blaster has a rotating barrel that accommodates 10 rounds.

 The back of the box has the blaster with regular black and orange tipped whistlers, but my unit came with  unique all blue coloured darts. They're essentially Nerf quality and identical in build as Nerf whistlers (given they're made by Hasbro)

What makes the Cyber Blaster different from standard Nerf blasters (and thus more expensive) is the added extra of lights and sounds. Well.. one light at least; on the right of the blaster is a clear Autobot symbol badge that glows and flashes yellow with the priming and firing of the blaster. Sounds are well synced with the blaster's functions- priming the blaster will play a "priming" sound and sometimes with the voice of Optimus Prime telling you the blaster is ready. On squeezing the trigger, a laser gun firing noise plays with no delay. And every now and then when you stop firing, the blaster declares "I am Optimus Prime" in true Peter Cullen voiced style:) True Nerf fans won't be excited over this, but Transformers fans and kids will probably get a kick out of it. I do:)

As far as the all important performances are concerned, the Cyber Blaster is very much a Hyperfire reshell, so performances are similar stock quality to most Nerf blasters. At times I felt it went further than the typical 10-12 metres but as a constant, I'd suggest that's the norm. It's pretty comfortable to hold and keep stable so accuracy isn't too bad either.

As far as costs are concerned- following my path, you are looking at around 30 bucks for one of these imported (plus shipping) and while we had quite a bit of fun with it, I probably wouldn't spend the excessive money unless you are a big Transformers fan. Chances are most Nerfers will switch the light and sounds off, which sort of defeats the purpose. Then again, if you like its design and aesthetics, maybe it's worth getting for that too. (note I've heard they're now available in Australia.. sigh!!)

The Battery door


  1. Hey, I played with one of these in Big W today, they're in Australia mate, no need to import!

  2. too expensive for me. I'll just paint and mod my mav

  3. meh they should stop making them i think they're kinda stupid

  4. You're right that it's very much of a 'Transformers Fan' thing rather than a Nerf one. For a Nerfer, it's expensive, gaudy looking and the lights and sounds are neither hear nor there. For a transformers fan, the sound of Optimus Prime's voice is just awesome. It's like those Barricades that were released at the Comic Cons. Transformers fans ate it up; they're cool for them, but Nerfers bagged the hell out of them.

    Personally, I'm both so I like this blaster:)

  5. looks like the vortex design married the swarmfire : 20 dart rotating barrel, but not streamlined