Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random:Crossbow Snow Launcher | Uncrate

Not that we ever really have a whole lot of use for a snowball launcher unless it's ski season, but still, I like the look of this one.  Apparently 60 feet ranges.  Orange and white is so in these days:)

Crossbow Snow Launcher | Uncrate


  1. Brilliant! But what do I notice first? MaxForce colors. Sure enough... no trigger. ;P Still, this isn't exactly as sophisticated as Whiteout...

    There's the next non-foam projectile weaponry! SNOW PELLETS! Tiny, tightly-packed, high-velocity snowballs from blasters that are powered by surgical-grade elastic and actually have triggers! That one I would buy! All you need is water and a snow-cone machine! :D Nerf can call it... Blizzard! Or something like that. ;P

  2. i got one of these last year that claimed feet and i was very disapointed to see it only got 20 about at best

  3. and can not be changed so that lanse otherwise?

  4. this was featured on daily planet today :)